Playing DVD's in Windows 10

This is a a step by step tutorial on how to play DVD's on your machine.


1. On the bottom left of the screen, click the start button which looks like this  start.PNG

that will open a menu.


2. On the menu locate the letter "K" and click where it says "K-Lite Codec Pack"


3. Once you click "K-Lite Codec Pack" the drop down menu will appear like so


Once the menu drops down locate where it says "Media Player Classic


Click this icon


4. Once the program opens, in the top left look on the navigation bar for the word File.


Click File and in the drop down menu select where it says "Open DVD/BD"



5. After clicking the "Open DVD/BD" button it will take you to a files page. On this page look on the left column for the name of the DVD and the Double click name.







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