Password Self-services Questions

1. Open an internet browser and go to:


Once you are on the page, it should look similar to the example below: 




2. Enter in your BISD computer login credentials


Username: b(your id#)

Password: Computer password



Username: bisd(student lunch #)

Password: Computer password



Then hit the Login button



3. You will then be taken to a new page where you will be prompted for a series of security questions. 



While on this page, select the QUESTION drop-down to choose from the various security questions.



Choose one of these questions. After you choose a question to the right of the ANSWER type your answer in, (verify all spelling is correct, the answers are case sensitive). 




5. Once you have answered all 3 security questions you will end on a review page:


Please review your information, and if everything looks correct, you will select SAVE at the bottom right. If not, hit START OVER in the bottom left. You will repeat steps 2-4. 


5. Once you click save it will look like this:



In a few seconds, it will redirect you into the main portal:


You can now use these links to sign into Birdville online services.




Please review the article below for information on recovering your forgotten password using the above security questions:

Password Reset: Self-Service

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