Creating Personal Folders in Outlook 2016

1) After opening Outlook, go to the blue File button at the top left corner

2) Click on Account Settings 

3) When this window comes up, select the “Data Files tab and click Add

4) Select Outlook Data File (.pst)

5) You will be asked to select a location to save your personal folder. We recommend saving it to your U drive.  Also, you have the option to name this personal folder to something more identifiable. Example:  School Year 17-18 


6) After, this small window will appear where you can choose a display name for your personal folder. We recommend not adding a password to this in case you can’t remember it later. 


7) Your newly created Personal Folder will appear on the left side of Outlook underneath your Inbox.

  • You can choose to move individual emails or copy entire folders to this Personal Folder.  Just right click the desired folder and select “Copy Folder” to move it.
  • If you choose to move individual emails, just click and drag them over to your Personal Folder.


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