Enrolling a Student in Summer School

Summer school students will not be “enrolled” into the Skyward entities 699-HS, 698-MS, and 697-Elem.  They will be taking online courses. The students who are attending STAAR or EOC remediation will need their At Risk information updated in the fall for PEIMS.  


STAAR Remediation:  Records for the 5th and 8th graders will be mass created for you in late May after the 2nd testing results have arrived.  If you have applications for the students, please check the screen and update if needed.  If there are students who are moving or are being placed, please adjust their record.  See the end of these instructions for doing so.


New procedure:  Each campus will access to a spreadsheet in Google Docs for the testers who failed the first round of testing.  You can then update transportation information from the applications you receive on that spreadsheet.  We will pull out the students who pass and mass upload the rest after 2nd testing.


There will be an upload on this screen from REV TRACK for the students who are enrolling in Middle School and High School Summer School for credit recovery or acceleration.  An upload will done for these students as well in late May.  However, please verify the information and make changes if needed.  After that upload, it will be up to the Summer School registrar to add and maintain the screen.


Grades earned in the Online Courses for credit recovery or advancement will be added to their grade history as they complete the online courses.



B. Complete the information on the Summer School Enrollment screen.

1.Date – this must be the current date you are entering the student into the systemClick the calendar icon and select TODAY at the bottom of the calendar screen.

2.Home Campus will automatically populate with the number.

3.Sum Sch Campus – campus where the student will be attending their summer school program.

4.Summer Program—use the drop down to select the appropriate program for the student.

5.Dismissal Time – indicate what time the student will be dismissed from their program.

6.Phone – This is the phone number on the Summer School enrollment form. This initial phone number show is the number in Skyward. Change it to the contact number listed on the enrollment form.

7.Transportation – if the student needs to ride the bus, check the box for YES, Transportation Needed.

7a. Pick-Up Address – complete these fields with the address at which the student will be picked-up

7b. DropOff Address – complete with the address at which the student will be delivered after school

NOTE:  Do not leave these blank, unless they both match what is in Skyward.


  1. Click the SAVE button once you have entered all the information.


If a student has a record, but is not going to need transportation, but will be going to Summer school, please verify that the indicator for Transportation is set correctly.


If a student has a record but is not going to the BISD summer school, please change the record as shown below.

At the bottom of the screen, uncheck the “Completed program” indicator and use the drop down to select an appropriate reason.  Don’t forget to uncheck the Transportation needed indicator as well.  Click “SAVE”.



REV 5/13/15.DS

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