What or Where is my Computer Name?



Each computer on the BISD network has a unique machine name.  To locate your computer name, just look at the bottom right corner of your desktop

The red circles will not appear, they only denote where the computer name and IP number would display.       





If you do not see the computer name as in the screen shot above then try this if your start button looks like the one below (Windows 7).  



1. (Windows 7) Click on the Start button, select  Devices and Printers.




2. In the Devices and Printers window you will find your computer name. 



 3. OR if your Start button looks something like this    (Windows 10)

 4. Right click the Start button one time on the bottom left corner of the screen and the Start Menu should appear.

Next, select "System" from the popup menu.




5. Towards the bottom OR top of the System window of the page that appears, you will see the "Computer Name" beginning with the first three numbers of your campus or location. 



Surface Laptop - Where do I find the Computer Name


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