Retrieving your Personal Folder from the U drive to Outlook



1. Open Outlook / select the File tab.


2. Next, from the File tab / select the Account Settings box / select Account Settings from the drop down.



3. Next, select the Data Files tab.


4. Next, select the Add button.


5. Next, on the left hand side of this window scroll down until you see your U Drive and select it once to view U drive contents/ Do Not click ok.


6. Next, you should now be inside of your U Drive folder / navigate to the Personal Folder (.pst) you want / select it once and click Ok.


7. Next, you should see the Personal Folder (.pst) you selected from your U drive folder under the Data Files tab / select Close.



8. Last, your Personal Folder (.pst) should be located towards the bottom of the Folder List on the left hand side of your inbox.  




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