Internet Browser - 500 Internal Server error


You receive a 500 internal error when trying to reach a website.


The 500 Internal Server Error is a generic HTTP status code that means something has gone wrong on the website's server but the server could not be more specific on what exactly the problem is.


The 500 Internal Server Error is a "server-side" error, meaning the problem is not with your PC or Internet connection, but instead is a problem with the website's server.

While not probable, it is possible that there may be a problem on your end and here are some things you can try.

1. Restart your computer.

2. Reload the web page.

3. Clear your browser's cache/history.

4. Report it to the BISD Help Desk by phone call or submitting a service request ticket. 

4. Contact the website directly to see if they are experiencing a problem.

5. Come back to the website later.

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