Eduphoria - How to change your Profile Information

After logging into Eduphoria, go to “Change my Profile” at the upper right hand side of screen. This is the area where you initially setup your profile, and where you can change your personal information, including the security question and answer. Step through the screens to the security question and answer area, and you can input your answer again, as needed.


1. From the Upper Right - Hand corner of the page clicked on Switch Applications / Change my Profile / to select another question


2. You will then need to go through a few pages of default settings, just continue to click Next.



3. Finally, you will get to the security question page. This will allow to you to select and configure a new security question which will then allow you to send the signature.



If you still do not see the signature button, you will need to contact the administrator responsible for your evaluation and confirm that the form has been created and is currently ready to be signed.


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