Creating Email Signature in Outlook

To set up from WEBMAIL

Once you receive your official BISD email

1. Go to
2. Log In
3. Click on OPTIONS at top right hand corner.
4. Click See All Options…
5. Click on SETTINGS from left hand menu
6. Click Mail icon at top
7. Type Name, Title, Campus/Department, Phone, BISD email
8. Select Automatically include my signature on messages I send
9. Click SAVE at bottom right-hand corner of screen.


To set up from DESKTOP PC/LAPTOP

Once you receive your official BISD email

1. Open OUTLOOK from your desktop
2. Click on New E-mail
3. Click on INSERT at top of screen
4. Click on Signature
5. Click on Signatures…
6. Type Name, Campus/Department, Phone, Email, Conference Period


7. Select your newly created signature under each category so that it will automatically appear when you create a New message or Reply/Forward an email.


OPTION: to add BISD logo
1. Click on Insert Image icon located at top right side of screen
2. Copy and Paste in the text field FILE NAME

3. Click Insert

4. Click OK

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