How Much Space is on my U Drive?

1) Double click your Computer icon on the desktop

2) Double click on your U drive icon

3) Click anywhere inside the U drive window and hit CTRL + A on your keyboard. This will select all the items.

4) Once all selected, they will highlight blue. Right click the blue part and choose Properties

5) A window will appear and begin calculating the amount of disk space you're using. Let that complete and look for the number next to "Size on disk".

6) The "Size on disk" value is how much space you are currently using. Each person has a set quota:


**If you attempt go over the limit, you will receive a message relating to ‘disk full’ when trying to save.  You will need to delete some old content on your U Drive to restore saving capabilities.  Some employees have a legitimate need for additional space and those requests can be sent via a service ticket to the help desk for review.

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