Adobe Creative Cloud Home Use Program

Birdville ISD has an Enterprise Term License Agreement with Adobe. As a member of Birdville ISD, you are also eligible to download the Adobe Creative Cloud software for home use.  Faculty and staff can purchase a 1 year subscription for the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Applications for $9.75 per year.  The exclusively priced downloads are available at:

Be sure to choose “Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Applications for ETLA.” This process will provide you with a redemption code and instructions on how to download and install the software. Only one Creative Cloud license can be purchased per year per staff member. 


This software is eligible to be installed on two personal computers, however, it cannot be used simultaneously between computers. If you wish to install the software on a third computer you need to go through a "deactivation" procedure located in the HELP pull down menu in any program of the suite of the computer you want to deactivate it from.

Please do not install this software on your district computer(s). The Technology Department will be deploying the district licensed versions during the school year.


1) Go to and click on Start Shopping


2) Click "Register" and fill out your BISD email address. Please check the spelling! 

3) The next page is the Account Registration. Please fill out the required fields and click Sumbit.

4) You should receive an email no more than 15 seconds later asking you to confirm your email address. Please click that link they provide and it will bring you back to step 1 above. 

5) Click on "Adobe Creative Cloud"

6) Then, click on the second version of software for $9.75 - Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Applications for ETLA. 

REMEMBER! You are paying for a one year subscription!

7) Once you click "Checkout" and accept the terms and conditions, you will then fill out your billing address and credit card info. This would be your personal address, not the a district building. 

8) If successful, you will be brought to this screen. Your Redemption code is at the bottom.

 9) Go to: and paste your Redemption code in to retrieve your software. Follow the directions on screen to install the software.

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