How to Create an Apple ID

The directions below detail how to set up an iTunes account without the use of a credit card.  It is critical that these steps are followed carefully.

1) Double click on the iTunes icon on your desktop.

2) Click Agree if you're prompted with the "Welcome Screen" 

3) Click Go to the iTunes Store

4) When the iTunes store is displayed, click in the search box in the upper right of the screen.  Search for the free app ‘The Weather Channel.’  Then hit Enter.

5) On the right side of the screen, click iPad apps. You will then see a listing of apps. Click the "Get button" under The Weather Channel app icon.

6) On the login screen that appears, click "Create Apple ID"

7) Click Continue

8) Check the box and Agree to the Terms and Conditions

9) Complete the information requested:

  • Enter an email address, password, security info (3 questions), optional Rescue Email, and date of birth.
  • You may check the boxes to receive notifications if you like.
  • Then click Continue


10) For Payment Type, Choose the last option, NONE 

  • Enter a billing address (this is required)
  • Click Create Apple ID to create your account

11) You will now see a screen that asks you to check your email for a verification email. Please open your email and view the verification email sent by Apple.

12) Put in your account information you just created (username and password) to verify your new account. If you receive a green check mark, the process is complete. 


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