2019 Technology End of Year Procedures

It is getting close to that time of year again.  Below you will find a copy of the Technology End-of-Year Procedures.  


 **2019: No blue bins!**


Please follow the end-of-year technology instructions below to get your technology back up and running faster when you return in August.


Please note: Classroom technology devices are assigned and inventoried to the room, not to the teacher.  If teachers are changing rooms, the classroom devices must be processed by the Technology Department.  Please submit a ticket in our work order system to request any changes:   Project Innovate iPads are assigned directly to teachers.  Teachers changing rooms or Birdville campuses should take their Project Innovate iPad with them.  Teachers leaving the district must turn in a HelpDesk ticket to schedule a time to turn in their Project Innovate iPad, charging block, and charging cable to the Technology Department.

The procedures below will be combined with the Cenergistic end-of-year checklist that teachers will sign and tape to their doors.  



Technology End of Year Procedures


  1. ALL employees are responsible for backing up their own data and computer files to their U drive or Google Drive.  CLICK HERE for step-by-step instructions. Also search for “Digital learning summer shutdown” to view the checklist for various online learning resources.


ST wing at Richland High School, disregard the following as you will receive separate instructions.




  1. Take a picture of how everything is connected on the back of your computer and at the wall plate. This will make it easier to reconnect your computer next year.  Please place your computer tower on the desk.  Then label all items with your name and room number and leave everything on your desk.


Please DO NOT unplug any cables attached directly to the back of the computer or monitor, if possible. 


  1. Class Laptops, iPads, Chromebooks – These should also be placed in classroom storage on top of all other equipment to prevent damage to the screens and to allow for access by the technicians to perform updates and repairs as needed.


  1. Phones – Please disconnect your phone’s network cable from the wall, fold the kickstand using the button on the side of the phone, and leave your phone in place, on your desk. 


  1. Please remember to have all technology devices in portable buildings brought into the main building in a secure area for the summer.


  1. If you are leaving the district, you must turn in a Technology Help Desk ticket at to schedule a time to drop off your Project Innovate iPad, charging block, and cable to the Technology Department.
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