Moving Classroom Telephones

Changing Classroom Phone Policy 


 When changing classrooms, please DO NOT move phones within the building. The phones are assigned to specific rooms and locations, rather than individual employees.


It may not seem like a big deal to move phones around on your own, but changing the assigned location of the phone can have some serious repercussions including:

  • 911 calls placed from the phone will not provide an accurate location for Emergency Services.
  • Our Phone System will no longer have an accurate location for troubleshooting services.

Should there be a need to physically move a phone from its assigned location , it will need to be approved by a Campus Administrator and be submitted as a Help Desk Ticket. In the Ticket, your request will need to include that "The phone needs to be moved and the Location ID needs to be updated."

A thing to keep in mind is when your phone changes, the Campus Phone Directory will change as well. Should the Campus need an updated Directory List, a Help Desk Ticket must be put in as an official request for the latest documentation.

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