Add Public Folder / Master Calendar Instructions

In Microsoft Outlook (2013):

  • Depending on your view, you may see a "Folder icon" or 3 dots on the left side at the bottom. Click the 3 dots and select "Folders" or click the "Folder icon".


                                                       - OR -



  • Once you select the folders view, you will see a new entry on your list called “Public Folders.” It will be on the left hand side of your screen.
  • You will need to expand this folder, choose ‘All Public Folders’, scroll down to your Campus Folder/Calendar, for example the “OH Stowe” folder and then expand it, right click on the calendar you want, then choose ‘Add to Favorites’.



  • You can now click on your “Calendar” icon or "Calendar" link on the left side at the bottom, depending on your view. Under ‘Other Calendars’, you should see the newly created calendar you added.
  • Place a checkbox next to this item to display the calendar in split screen with your local calendar.


                                                        - OR -



  • This setting will be remembered and will be visible every time you launch your calendar view, unless you ‘uncheck’ the calendar’s checkbox.
  • If you don’t see the calendar appear under ‘other calendars’ after adding to favorites, reset the left navigation pane.

If you need assistance doing this, follow the link:

Outlook - Resetting Left Navigation Pane

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