Logging into Airwatch Agent

Logging into Airwatch Agent


If you have a district issued Project Innovate iPad, please read the information and take actions where needed.

When your district issued Project Innovate iPad is setup, the following three icons should automatically appear:  Agent, BISD App Catalog; and BISD Book Catalog.




Look for the Agent app or use the Spotlight search feature to find and open Agent

If the Agent app is not on your iPad, open the BISD App Catalog.  Locate the Agent app and tap “Install” or tap “Processsing.”  You may be prompted to enter your iTunes/Apple ID password, and tap Agree to Accept the Terms and Conditions.  Press the home button and locate the Agent app to log in. 



After completing the login you will see “Success” displayed on the iPad and three green check marks indicating that login is complete.




If you have changed campuses or your password has changed, open the Agent app, and tap Log out.  Immediately tap Log in, and enter the information above.  Please remember to update anytime this information changes.  All iPads should stay logged in to Agent at all times.


If you experience any issues or have questions, please submit a Help Desk Ticket.


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