Find Missing Files

A quick way to find files that may have been misplaced or accidentally moved is to do a global search for the name of the file or any unique identifiers that may be associated with the missing item.


You can do this by clicking the start button at the bottom left and typing your missing file name into the "search programs and files" bar.


Files that meet the name requirements of your query will populate above the search bar. If no files are found, it is possible that the file is no longer on the machine, or that you need to type in another search query.


Once you have found the file you were attempting to locate, you can either open it directly or pinpoint its location by right clicking the file and selecting Open file location.


This will bring you directly to the location of the file, where it can be moved or replicated. To find the path of the file, click the file path link at the top of the window.




For further information on file searching, visit:

 Searching for Files on Your Computer and Network Drive



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