Laptop does not connect to the BISD wireless network

Laptop does not connect to the BISD wireless network 



If the laptop does not connect to the wireless BISD network, it could indicate that your computer hasn't "check in" to the district's network for a while. In this instance, you will have to temporally hard wire the laptop to the network by following these steps:

1. Connect an Ethernet cable to the Laptop's

Ethernet port. The port may be on the side or back. 

(resembles a home telephone cable but a little larger).


You can borrow a cable from a district phone or another computer if you do not have an Ethernet cable.



2. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet jack on the wall.


3. Now you will need to "restart" the laptop. 


4. Login as yourself and see if you can connect to an internet browser. 


5. If you can make a connection to the internet unplug the Ethernet cable from the laptop and see if it will then connect to the wireless network. 


6. If you loose connection to the internet browser after you disconnect the Ethernet cable from the laptop. You should open a service request to report the laptop's wireless network connection issue. 


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