EMAIL: Acceptable Use Policy


General use of Birdville ISD email accounts should be limited to work related activities. Please refrain from using district provided accounts to send or receive content that is of a personal nature. This is not only for the safety and security of our district, but also to protect your personal information. Any emails being exchanged over our systems may be subject to the Texas Open Records Law. This means that all emails may be disclosed to the public upon an official request.

Emails that are of a personal, religious, or soliciting nature must be approved by the Communications department before being sent to multiple users.

Additionally, please be courteous when responding to large group emails and insure that you do not Reply All. By selecting the Reply option, you will insure that you are only contacting the original sender of the email, and that you will not disturb or create additional emails for your Colleagues.

Information pertaining to acceptable Employee communications can be found on page 72 of the employee handbook. You can find a digital copy at the bottom of this article, along with the student acceptable use policy.


The Technology and Communication department appreciate your cooperation with this matter.




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