When you are searching for a list of WiFi Networks to connect to, you may notice a Network called BISD-5G. This newer network will allow for faster internet speeds and help to alleviate some of the connection inconsistencies with newer mobile devices.

Students and Staff will use their computer credentials to get signed in



*You may need to try and join the network twice if the initial attempt is not successful


If you are not able to see the BISD-5G Network, it is most likely because you are using an older device, or your device is not capable of communicating with this newer Wireless Network. 


If you are able to see BISD-5G on your list of available Networks, you will want to connect to it in place of BISD.


**The BISD-Secure network is no longer available**





If you are using an Apple device, you will need to "forget" your previous wireless connection and then connect to the new one. When connecting to the BISD-5G Network, you will be prompted for the Username and Password that you use to sign into computers.


If you are using an Apple device and need assistance forgetting your older network, please follow the link below:


Apple - Reconfigure Your Preferred Wifi Network





If you are using an Android device, please follow these instructions:


Join WiFi On Android Device



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