Replace PCU on Ricoh c420/430dn

If you receive one of the following error messages on your printer, you will need to replace the Photo Conductor Unit inside of the device:




Please follow the steps below for instructions on how to replace the PCU in a Ricoh c420/430dn.


Step 1

Turn off the power, and then unplug the power cable.


Step 2

Carefully open the left cover.

Printer illustration

Step 3

Turn the two green levers counterclockwise (one), and then slowly open the inner cover (two).

Printer illustration

The photo conductor units are installed as shown. From the right, the units are attached in the order of black (K), magenta (M), cyan (C), and yellow (Y).

Printer illustration



Remove the photo conductor unit you want to replace. Turn the green lever counterclockwise to unlock the unit. (The black photo conductor unit is used in this example.)

Printer illustration



Pull out the ring pull handle of the photo conductor unit.

Printer illustration



Hook your finger through the ring pull handle, and then slowly pull out the photo conductor unit. When you have pulled the unit half way out, support the photo conductor unit using your other hand, and then pull the unit completely out.

Printer illustration

*Do not hold any protruding areas of the photo conductor unit. Doing so may break the photo conductor unit*

*Do not touch any protruding areas of the photo conductor unit. These may stain your hands or clothes*



Take the new photo conductor unit out of the box.

Photo conductor unit illustration
For black, install one photo conductor unit; for color, install all three together.

Exposure to light reduces photo conductor unit performance. Replace the unit as quickly as possible.



Remove the protecting cover. Do not remove the tape yet.

Photo conductor unit illustration
When holding the photo conductor unit, hold the green grip on the left and the handle on the front together. Do not move the photo conductor unit by only holding the grip. Doing so may damage the grip.



Check the installation position of the photo conductor unit. Install the unit where the colored labels correspond.

Photo conductor unit illustration



Install the photo conductor unit with the tape still attached. Align the tip of the photo conductor unit with the opening, and then slowly insert the unit, until it stops.

Printer illustration
Take care that nothing comes into contact with the surface of the photo conductor unit.



Use a finger to push the label with three green lines, and then push in the photo conductor unit, until it clicks into position. If the installation fails, the small, pentagonal window turns red.

Printer illustration



Hold the photo conductor unit firmly in place, and then pull out the tape.

Printer illustration

*Remember to pull out the tape. Malfunctions occur if you attempt to print while the tape is still attached*

*The removed tape is dirty. Be careful not to let it touch your hands or clothes*



Turn the green lever clockwise to lock the unit.

Printer illustration



Close the inner cover. Lock the inner cover by pressing in (one) and then turning the two green levers clockwise (two).

Printer illustration



Carefully close the left cover.



Plug in the power cable, and then turn on the printer.

The printer starts calibration. Wait until it stops.

Wait until "Ready" appears on the display panel.

Do not turn off the power during calibration. Doing so results in malfunction.

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