Red X Over Wireless Icon - NO connections available

If you find that your Wireless Icon in the bottom Right-hand corner of your screen has a red X over it, it most likely means that the Wireless card on your laptop has been disabled.

To enable the WiFi card, you will need to do one of the following steps. The steps will vary depending on what model of laptop that you have.


Option 1

Fn + Wireless Key

Most modern laptops have the ability to turn the WiFi card on and off through a special key combination on your Keyboard. The location of the keys vary depending on make and model, but below id an example:




You will need to find the Fn key and hold it down. Then, simply tap the  symbol ONCE and this will enable or disable the WiFi Card.


Option 2

Wireless Switch

There are some laptops that have a dedicated switch for the wireless card. These switches can usually be found on one of the sides of the laptop. Below is an example of what the switch could look like:



If you are still experiencing a connection issue, please see the article below:

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