Install Certificate on Personal Device

The Technology Department has enabled SSL decryption on select websites across the district.  This is necessary in order to allow the District’s content filter to detect when inappropriate terms are entered into search engines like Google.

If you use a personal device on the District’s network like a mobile phone or personal laptop, your personal device will need some attention.


From your personal device, please visit:


You will need to follow the instructions to download and install a certificate.  Be sure you select the appropriate option for your device in the dropdown at the top of the page:


If you choose not to do this, you will see an error message every time you browse to one of these sites warning you that your ‘connection is not private’.  Installing the certificate keeps your connection private and only allows the content filter to detect inappropriate terms.  

This will also apply to students and guests who use the District’s Wi-Fi on personal devices.  They are encouraged to install the certificate as well. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Help Desk at:

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