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The Birdville ISD Technology department has recently updated the way that district staff are able to print to and access Canon copiers.

You will no longer be able to print to the copiers using the direct copier name (example: printing to 001-WKRM-CAN will not work).

When printing to a district copier, you will now send your print jobs to:


This is not an individual copier, but a Print Server (uniFLOW) that is attached to all district copiers. When you log in to the copier where you wish to have your job printed, that copier will retrieve the file from the Print Server and begin printing.

1. When you are picking the printer to send your job, the name of the printer is:
"BISD Secure Print"
2. All of the Canon copiers are set up for you to log in using your credentials that you would normally use to log in to your computer/laptop or you can use your proxy cards to log in.
Login Credentials = b+Employee ID and your password
3. You can print from any Canon machine in the District. Once you have sent your job to print, you can log in at any machine and look at your queue and release the job you need.
4. When you send a job to print, it will not print immediately. You must go to one of the Canon machines and log in with your credentials, go through the ‘Secure Print’ option and release the job.
**Please see this article for information on picking up your print job: Picking Up Your Secure Jobs At A Canon Copier (UniFLOW)
5. Please keep in mind that all jobs stay in the queue for only 24 hours. Once the 24 hours have expired, the job is removed from your queue. You will have to resend it in order to print.
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