Moving files to and from Google Drive


Downloading a file from your Google Drive account onto your personal computer is a pretty simple process.

1. You'll want to start by going to

2. Here, you will locate the file you want to download from your Google Drive, and click on it.

3. Once selected, you'll right click the file, and select download.




If you want to upload files to your Google Drive, this process is also fairly simple. 

1. Firstly you can try the drag and drop method.

2. Open up your Google Drive window. Resize this window in order to see your desktop screen as well.

3. Click on the file with your mouse and drag it from the desktop into the Google Drive window.

4. Once the file has finished uploading, it will show up in your Google Drive window.




If there is a file you want to upload that is not located on your desktop, you can import it directly.

1. Select "New" in Google Drive. You will see a drop down menu. Select on "File upload."

2. A window will open, allowing you to locate the file you wish to upload.

3. Select this file and then select "Open".




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