Have you ever been waiting on an e-mail but find that you never receive it?  If so the XEAMS portal can assist you!  Within the XEAMS portal, you can manage your SPAM emails and deliver them to your inbox as needed, without the opening a help desk ticket or calling the help desk for support.  This program is currently being rolled out to select groups.


To access the portal, visit: https://xeams.birdvilleschools.net

Login with your district b##### and your district logon password.


To ensure that outside emails are not being blocked when sent to your district mail account, you will need to whitelist the sender.



You will then need to select the Manage White/Black List button, as shown in the image below:


From here, you can enter the domain of the sender that you wish to have unblocked into the Add a new email/domain in White List option. Please insure that you click Save after entering the information.





Only whitelist company domains you know and not generic email account domains like gmail.com or yahoo.com. It is recommended to “Restore” emails from your daily report which will whitelist the sender of the restored email as well. Instructions are here:



If you would like more detailed instructions on how to use Xeams, please download the attachment below: