How To JOIN A Lync (Now Skype For Business) Online Meeting


*follow these steps 5-10 minutes prior to your first online Lync meeting

**You must have something (a microphone, speakers, headphones, headset, splitter, etc.) plugged into the MICROPHONE jack, as well as your speakers plugged into your speaker jack, to be able to hear audio and see the presentation while in a meeting. Also, open "Skype for business 2015" in your programs and go through the first time setup, if it is installed on your computer, **

1) Go to your Outlook > Calendar, open the Lync Meeting request sent to you by the presenter and click “Join Lync Meeting”

2) If you do not have Lync installed on your computer, you will see this box with the message in red font “Your account is not configured to join meetings.” Click “Sign in here instead”


3) Enter your name in the box and Click “Join the Meeting”

4) Follow your browser’s instructions for downloading and installing the plugin (if you do not already have the plugin installed. Select Run when you see the alert at the bottom of the browser window.


5) In the Lync Web App plug-in security alert, click a check mark in the box beside “Always allow the plug-in for this domain.” Then click Allow.


6) Your presenter will enter the meeting space at the scheduled time. Until your presenter enters the meeting space, you will see this screen:


7) When your meeting begins you will see a screen similar to the one below, depending on what your meeting organizer is presenting (video only, a document, a PowerPoint presentation, etc.)