Reflector 2 - Wireless Mirroring for your iPad


If you do not have Reflector installed on your computer, please see these instructions first. [CLICK HERE]

Open Reflector from the Start Menu

Locate Reflector in the start menu. Start Button -> All Programs -> Reflector

Click to open. Reflector does not have any windows. It runs from the system tray at the bottom right corner until a device is connected.


Edit Preferences

Before using Reflector for the first time, edit the preference settings on your computer. When you launch Reflection software, the icon will appear in the System tray, located on the bottom right corner of your computer screen. Right click on the Reflector icon. Select "Show Preferences".

  • AirPlay Name: Your default computer name will appear, or you can edit and enter a friendly name such as Digital Learning.
  • Security: From the menu select Onscreen Code. When a user attempts to connect via AirPlay on an iPad the code will display on the computer screen. The code stays the same for each session of Reflector. To generate a new code, right click on Reflector, select Exit, and then launch a new session of Reflector.

Start a connection from your device

AirPlay mirroring is built in to supported iOS devices. On iOS 7+ swipe up to access your Control Center.


iOS 10 swipe up


The AirPlay icon will appear beside the AirDrop icon in the second row from the bottom. If AirPlay does not appear as an option on the iPad, restart the iPad and try again. It might also be necessary to disconnect and then reconnect to the Wi-Fi network.

Tap the AirPlay icon to view a list of computers to connect to. Locate and tap the one labeled as your PC. A mirror switch will appear under the computer's name. Toggle this ON, and then enter the Onscreen Code displayed on your computer screen to mirror your iPad to the computer / projector.


Connecting to Reflector 2

Once your device starts "talking" to Reflector on your computer, a white pop-up box should appear with a short code. You will need to type in that screen code on your device. When you are finished and want to disconnect, go back into AIRPLAY and slide the MIRRORING toggle to the OFF position.


**Please Note: Your number will be randomly generated and will not be the same as the one in the image**


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