Audio & Video In Lync (Now Skype For Business)

Questions about audio and video:

How do I know my devices are set up correctly?

Lync automatically detects your audio and video devices. However, we strongly recommend that you check before making a call or joining a meeting, to make sure they are set up correctly.


Can I use Lync to make a call?

Yes, there are two ways to call others with Lync:

  • Lync call

  • Using Dial Pad to call a number

A Lync call is made from your computer to someone else’s computer who is also using Lync (computer audio).

  • A Lync call placed to a contact rings all their devices that are enabled for Lync, such as desktop and laptop computer.

  • You can also make Lync calls to federated contacts. A federated relationship with other companies is just a virtual alliance that lets you add users from other companies to your contacts lists, send them IMs, make audio, video and conference calls, and exchange presence information.

You can also use Lync to call a regular phone line, just like a traditional desk phone.

  • Use the dial pad to dial a number

  • Pause on a contact’s picture and use the menu on the phone icon to choose a number to call.

Here is a video on how to set up your Audio:

Why am I having audio problems?

If there’s a problem, a notification is displayed in the conversation window or the Lync main window. You can click the notification for more information or suggested solutions.



If you’re not getting sound, check that:

  • Your speakers are turned on, both in Lync and your computer, and the speaker volume is high.

  • Your telephone handset is on the cradle (if you’re getting audio through a phone).

  • The device you’re using is selected on the DEVICES tab, (pause on the phone/mic icon and click the DEVICES tab).