Though Reflector is a great solution to provide viewing access from your iPad to your desktop computer, there have been several known issues that are currently being addressed. AirPlay is more of a device / iPad / Apple issue and not a network or Reflector issue. The Technology Dept. is actively working on upgrading the network equipment throughout the district through our Bond schedule.

The following might provide some ways to troubleshoot your Reflector issues:

1) Restart your iPad.

2) If AirPlay does not show up on an iOS device, especially a smartphone, make sure that the device is connected to the BISD-Secure wifi network. Reflector will not work on any other BISD wifi network (Guest, C)

Students and staff can use their regular BISD username and password to log into BISD-Secure.

2) If you are connected to BISD-Secure and Airplay still does not appear, try reconfiguring your wifi settings to "forget" your preferred network. [Click Here] for directions on how to do that.

3) After trying that and Airplay does not appear, go to the Command Center on the device by flicking up on the bottom of the home screen, and toggle the wifi on and off.


4) Hopefully by now, Airplay should appear in the Command Center.