Logging into the NoodleTools iPad app with BISD Google account

1) Before we open the app on the iPad, you will need to retrieve a separate password that NoodleTools has assigned you in order to login using your BISD Google account

2) Go to this website: http://www.noodletools.com/logon/gapps/landing/g.birdvilleschools.net

3) If prompted, you will log in using your BISD Google account. Please make sure to use the format username@g.birdvilleschools.net and your password.

4) Once logged in, go to the top and click on "My Account"


5) Look for "Companion Key" and take note of it.


6) Next, download the NoodleTools Companion app from the Apple App Store

7) After opening the app, this login screen will appear. In the "Username" field, please enter your BISD Google username. Be sure to include @g.birdvilleschools.net. In the password field, use the Companion key from step #5 above. These are case sensitive!


8) Once logged in, you will asked to create a 4 digit password instead of remembering this unusual Companion key. We recommend setting that up. Don't worry! It can always be reset if forgotten.


9) Once the 4 digit passcode is creating, you will be logged into your account.