Step 1

On the desktop, click the "This PC" icon (typically found near the recycle bin).


Alternatively, you can find "This PC" by clicking on the File Explorer icon Pic_31.JPG and then clicking on "This PC". 


OR by...

Clicking the Start Button at the lower left-hand side of your screen. Then, select "This PC".


Step 2

Select your C: drive from the selection menu.

 Step 3

Select the Users folder. 

Step 4

Find the folder with your ID Number on it and double click to open the folder.

Step 5

Highlight all the folders > Right click on your selection > Select the Copy Option

Step 6

Now that you have your files copied, you will need to put them in your U: drive.

You will find your U: drive on the left Navigation pane. Double click on the drive to open it.

Step 7

To move your copied files, Right Click in the empty space of your drive and select Paste from the Pop-up menu.

Step 8

You have now backed up your files to the U: drive. You may want to make sure you did not miss anything and verify that your desired files are in the newly created folder.