Connecting Your Computer

1. Connect a USB cable to the short USB cable behind the lower-right corner of the interactive whiteboard.

2. Plug the other end of the USB cable into a USB connector on your computer.

3. Connect a video cable from your computer’s video out put to the video projector.

4. Turn on your computer and projector.

What You Should See

• When you turn on your computer,the pen tray lights flash sequentially twice and the Ready light on the interactive whiteboard’s lower-right frame turns red and then flashes green.

  • The projected computer image appears on the interactive whiteboard’s screen.
  • Your computer’s mouse pointer follows your finger closely when you touch the screen.

• If SMART Board software is running on your computer, the Ready light is solid green and you can use a pen tray pen to draw in digital ink.


Please see the attached PDF below for troubleshooting tips.