The following instructions should help with the

headset and microphone settings when using the web based Read 180 program.

1) If your headset has two jacks (green and pink), please plug the green jack into the headphone port on the computer.



2) You will receive the following pop-up window. Please select"Headset" and then click on "Speaker setup". You will have to click OK once the window in step 3 appears.


3) Go to the Main tab and make sure Microphone Array is NOT muted and the volume is more than 70%


4) Then go to the Microphone tab and make sure it's turned ON by switching the button. Then click the Save icon

5) Then, go the Volume icon on the button right corner of the screen and Right-Click it


6) Choose "Recording Devices"


7) On the Recording tab, make sure that Microphone Array is set as your default device.


8) Also, on the Playback tab make sure Speakers/Headphones is also your default device.

You should now be able to hear sound from the headphones and speak into the mic on Read 180.