HP Probook 430 G8

Initial Login Procedures

The initial login process should be the same for most users.  Please follow the steps below.

  1. Press the power button to power on the Probook

  2. Click the Windows opening screen when it appears

  1. Click OK to get to the sign in screen

  1. Sign in using your BISD network credentials. Typically this is your employee number (bxxxxx) and your current network password.

Note: If this is your first time to log into the Probook, you will see a series of screens that welcome you to Windows 10 as it is setting up your user profile.

  1. Once the Windows desktop appears, you may have other windows appear providing additional information as initial setup procedures complete.  This will vary by users.  In general, click ‘OK’ or ‘Agree’ to the screens that require an action.

Note:  You may see a Birdville Portal screen appear on your desktop asking you to log in.  This screen is an authentication screen for PrinterLogic.  Please enter your employee BISD email address and click ‘Next.’


You can use the Outlook application that is installed on your laptop or you can choose to access your email using the Outlook Webmail option.

Outlook Application Setup

  1. Open the Outlook application from the Programs menu

  2. Once the application opens for the first time, you should see your email address on the screen.  Click the OK button for the automatic setup process to begin

  3. Once setup is complete, you should see your email inbox, calendar, and other parts of your Outlook account sync and populate.

  4. If you have used an email signature before, you will need to set it up again on this new laptop.

Sign In to Google Chrome

  1. Open the Chrome browser.

  2. Click on the Chrome Profile icon in the upper right corner of the browser then click ‘Turn on Sync’


  1. Sign into Chrome with your BISD email address

  1. Enter your employee number (bxxxxx) and your network password

  1. Click ‘Continue’ to verify it is you

  1. Click ‘Link Data’

  1. Click ‘Yes I’m in’ on the Sync screen  

Note: Once you are in your Chrome environment, you will see your browser sync data from your Chrome account.  Bookmarks, extensions, and other items associated with you will begin to appear.  You may also have several tabs appear asking you to log into extensions associated with your Chrome account.

HP Probook Plastic Case

If you are interested in a plastic protective case, the link below will take you to a case that fits this model of Probook.  There are several colors available.  Please note that stickers are not allowed to be placed directly on the laptop itself.  If you are wanting to apply stickers, please purchase a plastic case and then apply your stickers.  Thanks!