Establishing a remote connection to a BISD computer is a two-step process. First, you must allow remote access on the computer that requires the assistance, and then the Support Specialist must connect to the computer using a Remote ID.

STEP 1: Allow Remote Access

In order to establish a secure connection to a district computer, a staff member must first provide access to their machine by launching the BISD Quick Support shortcut from their Desktop: (May take 10-20 seconds to launch)

The staff member will be prompted to allow Quick Support to makes changes to their machine, and they should select YES from the allow screen. The application will then launch and assign your computer a unique session ID, as shown in the example below:

At this point, a staff member wishing to give permission to a remote session can do so by giving their ID to the staff member that has requested to view their screen.

STEP 2: Connect to Remote Computer

*Administrators and Approved Employees Only*


Once you have a Staff member's remote ID, you can connect to the machine by entering it in your Support Specialist software. This software is only made available to administrators and approved employees. If you do not have access to the software and would like to be approved for use, please submit a ticket at:

First, launch your Support Specialist application:

Next, enter the Remote ID of the computer that you wish to connect to and click on the connect button. You can use either area in the example shown below:

You will be prompted for your Support Specialist password before you can establish the connection. Please enter the password provided to you by the Technology department and select Log On:

You will now have successfully established a remote connection.