Birdville has transitioned to an electronic faxing solution that utilizes your Outlook email client. This means that you will now use your email to send and receive faxes, instead of using a fax line and fax machine.

After the fax mailbox has been setup and permissions have been added to staff member accounts, you will see an additional mailbox in your Outlook email client. This mailbox will be in addition to your current email mailbox. The mailbox will be named with the following scheme and look similar to the picture below:

(Campus/Dept #,  Campus/Dept Name,  Campus/Dept Fax #)


If you do not see the fax mailbox, it may have been recently setup and you should be able to close Outlook and re-open it and see another mailbox, lower in the list, for the fax mailbox. It is recommended to expand that mailbox and right-click on the "inbox" and click “Show in Favorites" so it shows up in the very top "favorites" list in Outlook.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please keep in mind, these are "shared" fax mailboxes for use by specified people on the campus or department. If you open a received fax and it is not for you, please do NOT delete it. Instead, you can either right-click and "mark as unread", or just forward the fax to the intended recipient. You can also drag a received fax that is for you, to your personal email inbox to remove it from the "FAX inbox".

  • You cannot send and receive faxes from web mail, it must be done in the version of Outlook that is installed on your computer.


For instructions on sending a fax please refer to the following article.

Outlook Fax Plugin (Sending Faxes):


Additional Notes

If you have a new fax number, the old fax number will be forwarded to the new fax number until the end of 2017.