Apple - Reconfigure Your Preferred WiFi Network

  1. If you recently changed your BISD password, you will first need to "forget" the BISD networks on your mobile devices. Go into your settings:

Settings icon


  1. From there, you will need to select the Wi-Fi options in the left side-bar menu. At the top of the list of Networks, you will see the one that you are currently attached to. Out to the right of that Network name, you will see a blue circular icon with an "i" in the middle.



BISD Networks



  1. Click on the icon and select "Forget this Network" at the top for both of the Networks listed above.

  1. Now, you can go back to your list of available networks and rejoin your wireless network connection.

  1. When selecting a secured network, you will be prompted for some login information. Simply enter the same username and password that you use to sign into computers, accept/trust any certificates, and you will be able to utilize the new network connection.