Replace The Imaging Drums On The 5130cdn Dell Laser Printer

CAUTION: Before performing any of the following procedures, read and follow the safety instructions in your Product Information Guide provided with your product


CAUTION: To prevent electric shock, always turn off the printer and disconnect the power cable from the grounded outlet before performing maintenance


NOTICE: To protect the drum cartridges against bright light, close the inner cover within five minutes. If the front cover remains open for more than five minutes, print quality may deteriorate



Removing the Drum Cartridges:

1. Turn off the printer


2. Open the front cover


3. Rotate the lock levers of the inner cover to open it


4. Grasp the handles on the drum cartridge you want to replace and pull out the cartridge halfway


5. Grasp one side of the drum cartridge with the other hand and pull out the cartridge from the printer




Installing a Drum Cartridge:


1. Unpack a new drum cartridge

2. Pull out the two ribbons


3. Slide the cartridge into the correct slot


4. Remove the orange protective covering of the installed drum cartridge and discard


5. Close the inner cover


6. Rotate the lock levers to secure the inner cover while pressing the cover with the other hand


7. Remove the cleaning rod from the backside of the front cover


8. Remove the cleaning pad by pressing the white tabs between your thumb and index finger


9. Unpack a new cleaning pad

10. Attach the new cleaning pad to the cleaning rod

11. Insert the cleaning rod fully into one of the four holes until it clicks into the interior of the printer as illustratedbelow, and then pull it out


12. Repeat Step 11 also on the other three holes

13. Return the cleaning rod to its original location

14. Close the front cover