What can I do if I receive spam emails?


Rule #1 - Do NOT open email attachments unless you are expecting the file from the sender.

BISD has a filter that helps to protect your email from receiving junk email messages but sometimes a few messages can slip through. These messages will not necessarily appear in the "Junk E-Mail" folder in Outlook, they may show up in your normal "Inbox"

If you get SPAM/junk emails in your Birdville ISD email inbox, you can forward them to the SPAM Catcher, Birdville ISD account the Technology Department has setup.

When you forward an email to this special account, the message will be reviewed and if found to be bad/spam it will be added to the district's in-house blacklists and keyword filters.


To send a spam message to the SPAM Catcher, follow these steps:


1. Open Outlook / find the email in question / click to highlight it.




2. Click, Forward.





3. Click, the [TO:] field.



4. Search for the word spam to find the Spam Catcher, Birdville ISD account. Double click the address and select OK at the bottom right. Don't forget to send the email after you click OK




5. Last, delete the spam email from your inbox.


Now in the future, Junk messages from that sender or containing the same text will be blocked before it gets to your mailbox.