1. Click on the START button and then select ‘BISD Software Center’.

2. You should see an icon for VI Monitor Plus, click on that and then ‘Install’.

3. When it’s finished, the blue button will then read ‘UnInstall’, do not click the uninstall button, you can close the BISD Software Center window.

4. Go back to your desktop and double click on the VI Monitor icon.

5. Make sure the USE WINDOWS ACCT box is checked on the left and your BISD\bxxxxx is populated. For example, a person with an employee ID of 12345 would type BISD\b12345 in the user name box.

6. On the right side, drop down the CONNECTION TYPE and select ‘Use Configuration File’.

7. Look for the box that is labeled "CONFIGURATION FILE" then click on the orange box with the 3 dots. 

8. New window will open: On the left side, click on "Windows (C:)" which shows your folders on the right side. On the right side double-click on the "VI" folder to open it.

9. You should have a file that shows your campus profile. Double-click on that and it will take you back to the log in screen.

The path to the configuration file should now be filled in:

10. You should be able to put in your network password and log in.