When opening a 2019 or newer Adobe application you may be prompted to Sign in.

Do not try to use the "Adobe Creative Cloud" App, just open the Adobe application you want to use. (Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc...)

(This sign in method will not work for older versions of Adobe software.)

Staff will use their BISD email address to login, no password needed.


Ex. (first.last@birdvilleschools.net)



Students will use their BISD Digital Login, no password needed.

Student Name: John G. Smith

Ex. (jgsmith000@birdvilleschools.net) - Student login names and three digit identifiers are available in Skyward 

 After you enter your email address and press the tab key or click out of the email address field, it will automatically redirect you to the “Birdville ISD Federation Services” page. Select “Birdville ISD Federation Services” and you will be logged in. You should only need to sign in once.