Scan To Email On Canon Copier (UniFLOW)

1. Swipe your employee badge over the card reader to log in. If your badge is not registered you will be prompted to register the badge by entering your Birdville ISD computer username and password.


2. If you don’t have your employee badge, you can always log in by touching the “AD Login” button and manually entering your computer login credentials. 


3. Tap to open the User Name and Password field keyboard. Make sure to carefully enter your credentials and then select the Log In button. If entered incorrectly the system will notify you that Log In failed and try again.


4. This will take you to the Main Menu. From the Main Menu, select Scan and Send.



5. Press Send to Myself to scan to your email. To send to someone else choose from the address book or select New Destination to enter the person’s email address.


6. If you are scanning to yourself, the system already knows it’s you! Place your documents on the paper feeder and press the green start button.


7. Pick up your document from the tray and Log Out. If you forget to Log Out, the system will automatically log you out according to the Timer Settings in the Settings/Registration Preferences menu of the machine.

Copy operations have not changed. Log in with your badge according to the instructions, select the Copy button on the Main Menu, select your copy preferences like normal, and Log Out when done.