You will have the form open (It can be blank, because you just want to create the signature)

Click the signature block to esign the document. You will select an existing signature or be prompted through these screenshots to create a new “digital ID.”

Always choose the “New PKCS#12 digital ID file option:

Type in your name as you want it to appear in the signature

Your org. unit can be your campus name and your title

Your org. name can be BISD-Campus Name

Your email will be your BISD email address

* Accept the default algorithm and the “Use digital ID for”

Click browse to select a location, one you will remember, to store your digital id (i.e. Desktop)

Type in a password that will access this ID, again one that you will remember

After you’ve created your “digital ID:”

If you want to change the appearance of your signature from the default, you can click “appearance” and “create new appearance:”

Here you can select any changes or insertions you’d like and click ok

After you click “Sign,” your signature/digital id will insert into the form

* If you don’t need to submit the form at this time, just exit the form and don’t save, but your digital id will be available when you need it, just remember where it’s stored and the password