Before staff can access Appraise or submit goals documents, and before administrators can create evaluations, the Appraise staff list will need to be configured. This list determines which staff can and cannot function within Appraise.

Setting Up Your Staff List

When in the Evaluations Tab (on the far left), click Appraiser Setup in the bottom left. Clicking there displays the My Staff tab, enabling you to select your staff members and indicate how they should be appraised. When clicking on a staff member's name, you will be able to choose the appraise instrument for that staff member (T-TESS Teacher). Appraise templates are created by an Appraise Administrator in your district prior to you using the application. The My Staff tab also indicates the appraiser's name and the instrument chosen for each staff member.



To select a staff member to evaluate:

Select a staff member in the list by clicking their name.

On the 'Change evaluation method' box, click next to I will evaluate this staff member using: and choose the instrument for that staff member.

The staff member's name will now appear on the left in the 'My Staff' section.



In the case of two or more evaluators, the formal appraiser should be the one listed as the Appraiser. Other principals can evaluate this staff member, but will not be listed as the formal appraiser. It is also important to keep in mind that teachers WILL NOT be able to access SchoolObjects:appraise until they have been assigned a formal appraiser.

I have a teacher who is not showing up in my Appraise Setup screen. What do I do?

The teacher needs to make sure the correct campus is selected on his/her profile in eduphoria. The campus selection is what determines who is listed in your setup screen. Ask the teacher to update their profile so that they will show up.


If you continue to have issues with the Aware Evaluation system, please contact Suzy Compton: