How To Create A Shared Notebook In OneNote

Before we begin, we must ensure that you are signed into the OneNote Application using your Office 365 Account.

  • To do this, launch the OneNote application and go to File at the top left

  • Then, go to the accounts tab on the left-hand side of the screen.

  • Unless you have previously signed in using your Office 365 information, OneNote will have logged you in using a generic profile. You will need to click on Switch Account and then "+ Add Account"


Add Account

It will then prompt you to sign in using your account.


OneNote Sign-in


After you have signed in, your account page should look similar to this:


Once you have gotten signed into your Office 365 Account, we can begin the process for creating a shared Notebook in OneNote



Launch the OneNote Application and select File at the top left of the screen.



Select the "New" tab on the left. You will want to create the New Notebook in your "OneDrive - Birdville ISD" Account. Select the Browse icon and save the Notebook anywhere you like in your OneDrive storage. After you select your location, name the Notebook and select "Create." A window will pop up asking if you would like to share the Notebook. Select Invite People.


If you do not see the "OneDrive - Birdville ISD" option, it is most likely because you are not signed into OneNote using your Office 365 account. Please scroll to the top of this page and insure you have followed the direction for getting signed in


You will then be brought to a screen that contains your sharing options for the Notebook. Add the desired recipients account and type a personalized message if you wish to do so. Additionally, make sure the "Require user to sign in before accessing document" box is checked to prevent unwanted guests from accessing the information.



Click Share and you are done! The invitation to the Notebook will be sent to the recipients 365 Outlook Mailbox and they will be able to add it from a link in the email. Adding the shared Notebook requires a few steps from the recipient that are Outlined in the following Knowledge Base Article: