Uninstall Reflector 1

In order to install Reflector 2, you must first uninstall Reflector 1 by:

1) Clicking the Start button > Control Panel > Programs and Features.

2) Select Reflector, and then click Uninstall.


3) Now that we have uninstalled the software, you MUST restart your machine before installing Reflector 2.




If you encounter an error message when uninstalling Reflector 1, please submit a ticket for the Help Desk to manually remove the software:




Installing Reflector 2

All BISD staff have access to install the Reflector software themselves by doing the following:

Please make sure you're using Internet Explorer to do this. The software center does not work in Google Chrome.

1) Go to the Start Button -> All Programs (apps in Windows 10) -> BISD Software Center


2) A list of software will appear in alphabetical order. Find "Reflector 2" and click INSTALL at the bottom right corner. Please make sure you're using Internet Explorer to do this, if it opens in Chrome it will not work. If it does open in Chrome, then just copy and paste this link directly into Internet Explorer: http://appcatalog.birdvilleschools.net/cmapplicationcatalog/

IMPORTANT! Reflector will only run on 64bit computers. To find out which operating system you have, see this article [CLICK HERE]. If you are currently running a 32bit operating system, your computer will have to reimaged first in order to install Reflector. Please submit a ticket to have that done by the Technology Dept.

4) Reflector will install silently in the background and appear in your Start Menu when finished. Please go here for configuration and setup of the software.[CLICK HERE]