Select Teacher Access link to get into grade book

Select the My Gradebook-MG link

Select Reports for All Classes link

This will provide the following list of all the prepared reports


In this document we will select the Class Roster to illustrate the procedure.

Select a template and Select the View parameters of Template link.

Note the parameters in generic template cannot be edited.

That is the purpose of the Add a new Template and the Clone Template buttons.

Use the Select Different Classes link to select which classes you want the report for.

You can select on or all of your classes.

This print button and the Export to Excel button from the screen shot above send the request to a Print Queue.




You can access this shared print que from any page in Skyward. Please be considerate and check the status before hitting the print button again. Running multiple uneeded print job slows down the system for everyone.

Both the View Button and the Display Report button open your pdf’s in your browser.

In Internet Explorer you have a print icon top right.


In Chrome you need to right click in lower right hand corner to get the print icon and the print option.




If you want the report in Excel, you need to use Export to Excel button from the Report Template screen.


If you want the report from excel and for only one class, use the report tab from inside the gradebook of a single class.



In Internet Explore clicking on the view button will bring up the Open / Save dialog box.

Select Open.

Then look for the following warning and select Yes.


REV 5/6/2015.DS