The leader device needs to be an Apple iOS device for the system to work.


Mobile phone requirements

  • A gyroscope and accelerometer—essential for orientation and to see images shifting in a VR viewer
  • Android 4.4 and later or iOS 8.0 and later
  • 1 GB of RAM

We also recommend:

  • A graphics processing unit (GPU) that can support 3D viewing
  • A high-resolution screen, 720p or 1080p 
  • 2 GB of RAM—3 GB or 4 GB would be better
  • 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz Wi-Fi support

1. First connect phone to BISD-5G or BISD (Do not connect to BISD-GUEST.  It will not work.)
2. Set EAP method to PEAP
3. Set Phase 2 authentication to MSCHAPV2
4. Set CA certificate to Do not validate
5. Input Identity to your username to login to computer.
6. Input Password to your password that you use to login to computer.
7. Go to settings which is the sprocket symbol and select Date and Time.
8. Choose Chicago GMT-06:00
9. Go back to the home screen and select settings again which is the sprocket.
10.  Go to About tablet at the very bottom of the screen.
11. Select Wireless Update at the top of the screen.
12. Select Detection of update at the bottom of the screen.  The phone will check for any newest updates.
13. Go back to the home screen and select App store.
14. Type in the schools VR email address and password. ShannonBISD.VR@gmail.com Password: Shamrocks012 (This is only for Shannon users.  It will be different for other schools.

Get the app on Android

  1. On your device, tap Play Store .
  2. Search for Google Expeditions.
  3. Tap Expeditions   Install.

16. Go to home screen and make sure the app is installed on your home screen.
17. Go back into the Play Store and search Google VR services and install it.
18. Go back to home screen and tap the Expeditions app.  Tap accept.
19. Tap "See what it's like in class"
20. Tap Allow to Allow Expeditions to access photos, media,and files on your device.