Now we need to make sure you will be able to get to the internet with what is known as an Ethernet cord. They come in all different colors, but it looks similar to a phone cord and it plugs into the back of your computer instead of a household phone.



For teacher computers, the Ethernet cord needs to go to the back of your classroom phone. On the back of your phone, you will see a port that has written above it "10/100/1000 PC." This goes from your phone to the back of your computer.

Now look at the back of the phone once again and you will see another port with "10/100/1000 SW" written above it. You will need to plug a separate Ethernet cord into that port and connect the other end of it into the plate on the wall that looks like the image above. Here is a diagram of what the connections should look like.


Color of cord may be different than shown above

Below you see the general overview of how it should be plugged in.

For student computers, the Ethernet cord needs to go to the back of the computer system to the port on the wall. There will be no phone in between.


If you just have a phone, plug the cable from 10/100/1000 SW directly to the wall.